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war vet
black belt
who melts
at sea breezes through trees 
Jude fell in love with the cello at 9 years old.  Playing mostly classical through college, she veered off on a different path over the following years.  Upon graduating from college in Michigan and then photography school in western Massachusetts, she moved to work for photographers in New York City.  Not having her cello, she naturally explored other forms of expression from poetry and performance to painting and songwriting.  Later moving back to Massachusetts she gravitated to the art and music scene and started learning to improvise with other musicians and songwriters, competing in poetry slams, exhibiting in galleries and restaurants and performing cello pieces, rhymes and songs at favorite haunts.  She put the arts aside for a time when she joined the Marine Corps in 2004.  She deployed to Fallujah in 2005 to 2006, survived thyroid cancer in 2007, and moved with her husband to Wilmington, NC in 2008 where Jude rekindled her artistic loves.  They wax and wane in between other endeavors, and she is happy to let creativity flow in its own time.  For a time she played with Stephen Sellers' band low victor echo where she met Jeff Sanchez.  Jude and Jeff then became the duo known as Upstarts & Rogues.  You can find Jude playing out in Wilmington especially at Fermental, The Art Factory, and Bottega Wine & Art.
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